High-level Managers Interested in Enterprise Internal Stock-holding

  March 14 saw over 50 top managers of Chinese business circles throughout China assemble in Beijing for a workshop on "enterprise internal stock-holding and human resources management and innovation". The three-day workshop is cosponsored by Tsinghua University and the Industry Cooperation Committee.

  Some public figures of well-known enterprises, including the McKinsey Company, the most influential consulting firm in the world, and Watson Wyatt Worldwide, world's leading human resource consulting and actuarial firm, are invited to make keynote speeches at the workshop.

  The workshop focuses on the following two points: how to attract, develop, and encourage talents; and how to work out a program for administers' stock-holding in a company.

  The workshop also dealt with the basis and method for setting the proportion of administers' stock-holding and other problems, for instance: enterprise inside stock-holding plans in various trades; the legal matters of the administers' stock-holding, employees' stock-option, reduction of state-owned stock-holding and what not.


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