​Fifth Tsinghua-PKU Low-carbon Campus Design Friendly Competition Held

The 5th Tsinghua-Peking University Low-carbon Campus Design Friendly Competition was held on June 6th. The exchange meeting showcasing the outcomes of the "Handmade Innovation Practice" course from Tsinghua University and the "Sustainable Campus Practice" course from Peking University was held the same day.

The competition gets underway

Group photos of students and faculty at Tsinghua's iGarden and Peking University's Weixiu Garden

Throughout this semester, ten groups of students from over 20 schools of both Tsinghua and Peking University collaborated on the theme of "Urban Biodiversity". They transformed Tsinghua's iGarden, a horticultural education base, and Peking University's Weixiu Garden into habitat gardens. These endeavors were a testament to their understanding and desire for a low-carbon and sustainable lifestyle. During the competition, students explained the objectives behind their creations and the underlying principles guiding their renovations. At the event, Zheng Zhihong, a researcher at Tsinghua University’s Future Laboratory, gave a keynote speech titled "Interactivity and Inclusivity of Gardens."

Going forward, both universities will use these courses as a platform to guide research and space design practices. Through the courses, the universities will also collaboratively organize a series of long-term low-carbon and sustainable activities.

Editor: Li Han

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