​Mathematical art exhibit debuts at Tsinghua

On May 9, the “Limit Sets” by Dr. Aubin Arroyo Mathematical Art Exhibition kicked off at Tsinghua University. The exhibition is a collaborative effort between Tsinghua’s Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (YMSC), the Mexican embassy in China, and the UNAM-China (Centro de Estudios Mexicanos) and UNAM Instituto de Matemáticas. It features 16 works by Mexican mathematician Aubin Arroyo.

The opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was attended by H.E Dr. Jesús Seade, Mexico's ambassador to China; José A. Seade, president of the Academia Mexicana de Ciencias; Shing-Tung Yau, Fields Medalist and YMSC director; Du Pengfei, executive director of Tsinghua University Art Museum; and Adalberto Noyola, director de UNAM-China (Centro de Estudios Mexicanos). More than 60 people, including diplomats, university faculty and students, and representatives from cultural institutions, participated in the event.

H.E Dr. Jesús Seade delivers a speech.

H.E Dr. Jesús Seade extended his gratitude to everyone involved in organizing the event. He said that art and science serve as universal languages transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. This exhibition, he noted, exemplifies cultural and academic exchange between China and Mexico, adding that and he looks forward to deepening collaboration between the two countries.

Professor José A. Seade delivers a speech.

Professor José A. Seade, who is currently on an academic visit to Tsinghua, introduced the research background of Arroyo and the significance of his works, vividly explaining the beauty of mathematics.

Du Pengfei delivers a speech.

Du expressed his anticipation that the Tsinghua University Art Museum will collaborate with more artists and institutions to create a series of innovative, influential, and inspiring exhibitions.

Shing-Tung Yau delivers a speech.

Yau praised the bridge built by Mexico between mathematics and art, expressing gratitude to the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México(UNAM)for donating the exhibited works to the YMSC. He noted that this series of works not only represent a perfect fusion of mathematics and art but also provide a unique platform for scholarly exchange between China and Mexico. He said he looks forward to further collaboration to jointly advance research across various fields of mathematics.

Aubin Arroyo shares his work through video link.

Arroyo is a researcher at the UNAM Instituto de Matemáticas, specializing in dynamical systems. His works have garnered significant attention on the international stage. He shared insights and reflections on his creative process through a video presentation.

A group photo

The exhibition

The exhibition of 16 artworks, including "Polyhedra", "Wild Knots", "Lorenz Attractor", "Cantor Set" and "Borromean Link", were completed by Arroyo and his collaborators between 2015 and 2020. These classic paintings offer unique perspectives on the chaotic regions of mathematical dynamical systems known as "Limit Sets". While appreciating the beauty of art, viewers can also delve into the charm and depth of mathematics. The exhibition will run until August 8, 2024 at Tsinghua University.

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