​Four Tsinghua alumni win 2024 Sloan Research Fellowships

This year, four Tsinghua alumni were granted Sloan Research Fellowships.

According to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s list released on Feb 21, 126 outstanding young scientists around the globe were awarded with the fellowship. Among them were four Tsinghua alumni: Assistant Professor Jiang Nan from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Assistant Professor Yu Xiangyao from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Assistant Professor Huang Jiaoyang from the University of Pennsylvania, and Assistant Professor Jian Chaoming from Cornell University.

Jiang, a graduate from the Department of Automation (matriculated in 2007), and Yu, a graduate from the Department of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics (matriculated in 2008), won this year’s awards in computer science.

Huang, a graduate from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (matriculated in 2010), won the award in mathematics. Jian, a graduate from the Department of Physics (matriculated in 2007), won the award in physics.

Awarded annually since 1955, the fellowship is regarded as a barometer for future Nobel Prize winners and is open to scholars in chemistry, computer science, earth system science, economics, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics.

Editor: Li Han

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