Zhao Yuanren's cameras donated to Tsinghua Library

Huang Jialin, a professor at Central South University, donated two cameras of his maternal grandfather Zhao Yuanren, a modern linguist, to the Tsinghua University Library on March 17. Jin Jianbin, head of the library, thanked Zhao's family for the donation and presented a certificate to Huang.

The cameras will further enrich the library's special collection of Zhao, once a top professor at Tsinghua. Jin said that these items are precious cultural wealth, and the library will preserve, organize and use them well for cultural enrichment.

Zhao was a famous Chinese linguist and composer, and one of the "Four Tutors" of the Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning and also a photography lover. Since he went to study in the United States in 1910, he began to record his experiences in study, work and life by taking pictures. He has left important visual materials for China and the world.

Editor: Li Han

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