​Tsinghua holds sleep aid concert

On the eve of World Sleep Day, which fell on March 18 this year, Tsinghua Art Education Center performed a sleep aid concert for teachers and students as an innovative way to remind people of the need to sleep healthy.

Different from usual concerts where people sit upright, the performance created a live music experience of "decompression and sleep aid" for the audience. By setting up two types of seats, the audience could fully relax during the concert. Props such as mattresses, pillows, and eye masks were provided for the audience to fully guarantee their best experience. This concert was led by the famous composer and pianist Zhang Kangming. Through original and on-site impromptu performances, combined with natural soundscapes, the theater was transformed into a comfortable sleeping space. The stage became an immersive aisle for napping.

In order to further strengthen the combination of art and science and expand into more functional applications of music, a special post-performance symposium was held backstage. Zhang exchanged ideas with guests from different fields.

This innovative concert combined the needs of watching performances with relaxation and decompression, offering a brand-new experience for teachers and students alike. At the same time, art can realize interdisciplinary and multiple experiences, and explore new ways with campus theater.

Editor: Li Han

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