​Tsinghua SEM co-organizes the second Finance and Development Forum

The second Finance and Development Forum recently took place at Guangxi University. The forum was jointly organized by the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM), the School of Economics at Guangxi University (GSE) and the China-ASEAN Institute of Financial Cooperation (CAIFC).

The forum was comprised of three parts: a policy forum, an academic discipline development forum, and an academic forum. Distinguished experts and scholars participated in in-depth discussions on crucial theoretical and practical issues, such as the ways in which capital markets and the financial industry can better serve the real economy; how financial technology can facilitate inclusive finance and promote high-quality social and economic development; ways in which to strengthen exchanges and collaborations between domestic scholars and international peers; and how to support the long-term growth of relevant disciplines in colleges and universities located in central and western China.

Experts participate in a roundtable discussion at the second Finance and Development Forum.

The policy forum began with the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, and roundtable discussions. Attending the opening ceremony and speaking were Han Linhai, president of Guangxi University, Yang Bin, vice president of Tsinghua University, and Fan Xinhong, deputy director of the Bureau of Financial Supervision of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

At the policy forum, keynote speeches were delivered by Professor Li Daokui from the Department of Finance at Tsinghua SEM; Zhou Chengjun, director of the Financial Research Institute of the People's Bank of China; Ding Zhijie, director of the Foreign Exchange Research Center of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange; Fan Xinhong; as well as Zhong Hong, vice president of the BOC Research Institute and executive deputy editor-in-chief of Studies of International Finance Research and International Finance.

Experts from various institutions, including the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, Nanning Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China, the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, the Guangxi Regulatory Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the BOC Research Institute, and China Development Bank held in-depth exchanges on the current situation and future development of China-ASEAN financial cooperation, the impact of finance on the real economy, and financial policies.

Experts and scholars pose for a group photo at the second Finance and Development Forum.

The academic discipline development forum consisted of an opening ceremony, keynote speeches, and five sub-forums. Tian Lihui, vice president of Guangxi University, and Bai Chong-En, dean of Tsinghua SEM, spoke during the opening ceremony. Wu Xiaoqiu, former vice president of Renmin University of China and dean of the China Capital Market Research Institute, gave a keynote speech.

During the academic forum, experts and scholars from both domestic and international universities, such as Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University and the University of Michigan, shared and discussed their latest findings on topics including finance and the real economy, the digital economy, financial technology, green finance and inclusive finance.

This forum was conducted in a hybrid format that combined online and offline modes. More than 100 leaders and experts from as many as 20 universities and colleges participated in the event in person, and some domestic and foreign experts and scholars joined online. On the day of the conference, about 7,500 online attendees participated through the Tsinghua "Xueshuo" platform.

Editor: Li Han

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