​Tsinghua’s China-Italy Design Innovation Hub holds art exhibition on X-ray and Art

Organized by Tsinghua’s China-Italy Design Innovation Hub, an art exhibition on X-ray applications, which innovatively combines technology and art, is being held in Beijing from Mar 6th to 30th.

The exhibition is a comprehensive display of the innovation project on X-ray and Art, and is able to offer audiences a unique experience integrating art and technology. The works cover innovation based on spatial dimension, a combination of intangible cultural heritages and handicrafts, and research on how X-ray technology applies to traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

The project on X-ray and Art is an innovative program open to young artists, designers, and innovators around the world. It is coordinated and planned by Tsinghua’s China-Italy Design Innovation Hub, with Nuctech providing equipment and technical support.

Editor: Li Han

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