​"Echo from Ancient Souls: Sharing Meeting of Han Meilin Tianshu Art" held at National Centre for the Performing Arts

The China NCPA Orchestra debuted a musical piece, titled Yuan Du, to a full house at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. The piece, composed by Yao Chen, captures the spirit of Tsinghua professor Han Meilin's calligraphy series of work, titled Tian Shu, or "scripts from heaven".

Han showed up with Yao and experts of Tsinghua's Research Center of Ancient Chinese Characters Art and Center for Han Meilin Art Research at the event, named "Echo from Ancient Souls: Sharing Meeting of Han Meilin Tianshu Art", which was hosted by Jing Yidan, a renowned anchorwoman in China. Yang Dongjiang, associate dean, tenured professor and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua's Academy of Arts & Design, served as the academic host.

Focusing on the stance and trend of Han Meilin Tianshu Art, experts and scholars talked about the innovation and transcendence of art, exchanged opinions on the contemporary and future of art aesthetics, and shared their understanding of profound Chinese civilization during the event.

When compiling Tian Shu, Han searched for ancient Chinese characters on different cultural relics, such as oracle bones, stone paintings, cliff paintings, bronze vessels and pottery. He collected over 10,000 ancient Chinese characters and combined his calligraphy with the artistic elements of those ancient characters in a variety of art forms.

Experts praised Han's Tianshu Art for serving as a vessel for ancient characters to travel through time and space, which has broadened people's vision of ancient characters and culture. Without text meaning and the restraint of calligraphy, Tian Shu focuses on the images of ancient characters. It reveals the natural appearance when people appreciate it with contemporary aesthetic consciousness.

Editor: Li Han

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