Creating an interactive learning experience in a hybrid classroom

Tsinghua faculty members are using interactive teaching tools and ideas to offer an interactive learning experience to their students on campus after the University adopted hybrid learning due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak in Beijing.

Recently, a group of undergraduate students sat in a multi-camera interactive classroom for their Landscape Architecture Design Theory course taught by Zheng Xiaodi, an associate professor at the School of Architecture.

During that class, the students not only attended an online lecture, but also took part in interactive classroom activities with their professor in real-time.

The classroom seating arrangement had been adjusted in a way that both the professor and the students could communicate more clearly.

The use of multiple cameras and other interactive online teaching tools has made it so easy to connect and engage with the students, hold classroom discussions, and teach them a lesson on a practical subject like landscape architecture, Professor Zheng said.

After the hybrid class, the undergraduate students said that the hybrid learning experience was no less than an in-person classroom learning experience.

By Guo Lili, Sangeet

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