Top Mathematician Nicolai Reshetikhin joins Tsinghua

World top mathematical physics master Nicolai Reshetikhin has officially joined Tsinghua Yau Mathematical Sciences Center(YMSC). He arrived in China at the end of September and finally stepped on the Tsinghua campus in early November after the required quarantine period. Started from this autumn semester,he opened a course about Invariants of Knots and 3 manifolds for Tsinghua students.

He was invited twice to give speeches at International Congress of Mathematicians(ICM),the most significant event in pure and applied mathematics. At 2010, he was one-hour plenary speaker at the ICM among 17 other world top mathematicians. He is one of the founders of theory of Quantum group and Witten-Reshtikhin-Turaev invariant. He is an important developer of Quantum integrable system, an important contributor of Poisson Geometry, Symplectic geometry and Quantum Kac-Moody algebra. He is also the founder of quantum 6j symbol, which has been used to understand quantum gravity. His work has had a profound influence on mathematical physics studies, more specifically in the fields of low-dimensional topology, representation theory, and quantum groups.

Shing-Tung Yau,the Director of YMSC expressed his ardent welcome to Nicolai’s arrival. The master mathematician said Nicolai Reshetikhin will be leading China’s best students in Qiuzhen College on the way of growing into leading mathematicians of the next generation. YMSC professor Liu Zhengwei said he is thrilled about working with Professor Reshetikhin.

Previously, he worked as a professor of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley for 30 years and accepted invitations from Professor Yau last winter. During his work in Tsinghua, besides teaching, he plans to focus on research projects in three areas, including quantum field theory, symmetry, and statistical mechanics, with integrability as the guideline.

From Tsinghua Yau Mathematical Sciences Center

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