Tsinghua SEM Professors LI Zinai and PAN Wenqing take First Prize in National Excellent Teaching Materials for their textbook Econometrics

Econometrics, edited by Tsinghua SEM Professors LI Zinai and PAN Wenqing, won first prize for being a National Excellent Textbook in the category of higher education. The textbook, now in its fifth edition, appeared on the first award list of the National Textbook Construction Award announced by the National Textbook Committee.

Since its 1st edition in 2000, Econometrics has been the most widely-used textbook for econometrics courses in Chinese universities, and more than 1.1 million copies of the first five editions have been printed. More than 600 schools use the book, according to incomplete statistics from the publisher.

The textbook has been an outstanding contribution to the development and teaching of econometrics courses in China's universities. Teachers have had positive comments about all five editions of Econometrics. Firstly, the book is well-respected for integrating econometric theory, method and application; combining classical and modern knowledge; and introducing both model theory and methodology. Secondly, it is a solid step forward in solving the problem of how to teach econometrics like an economics textbook instead of a mathematics or statistics textbook – a problem that has troubled teachers and students for a long time. Thirdly, it has made significant progress in the Sinicization of econometrics courses and teaching materials. Fourthly, the companion text Study Guide and Exercises in Econometrics supports the main text with basic theoretical knowledge and explains knowledge not developed in the main text. It provides quality guidance and training for teachers and students – especially teachers and self-learners who are new to the lecture theater. It also provides a rich expansion of knowledge for them.

The National Textbook Construction Award is the highest award in the field of textbook authorship. According to the first award list of the National Textbook Construction Award, as many as 400 textbooks of higher education were awarded, including four for the Grand Prize, 80 First Prize and 315 Second Prize. Six economics textbooks won First Prize, and Econometrics (the 5th edition), edited by LI Zinai and PAN Wenqing, was the only econometrics textbook.

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(From SEM, editor: Li Han)

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