“Brocade Zither in Blooming Years: Prof. Li Wei’s Modern Apparel Arts Design Inspired by Song Dynasty Brocade” held during the Yellow River Intangible Heritage International Creative Week

On the evening of Sept. 30,“Brocade Zither in Blooming Years: Prof. Li Wei’s Modern Apparel Arts Design Inspired by Song Dynasty Brocade” kicked off during the "Yellow River International Creative Week" in Luoyang, Henan Province.

Professor Li Wei of the Tsinghua University Academy of Arts & Design, in conjunction with Saint-Joy, has created contemporary designs based on Song Dynasty Brocade, a handicraft of traditional Chinese intangible heritage, and jointly developed new fabrics to be applied to apparel artworks, which are uniquely adapted from tradition while keeping pace with contemporary trends, fully presenting the concept of inheriting and innovatively developing the Song Dynasty Brocade intangible culture.

By excavating the traditional and artistic value of Song Brocade and developing more diversified and youthful fashion expressions, the exhibition highlights the commercialization, artistry and internationalization of Song Brocade Fashion, so that traditional culture can be integrated into international fashion, go down to the future and go global, and Song Brocade will glow with new energy and vitality, reenacting the splendor of the material in the Song Dynasty.

Nine sets of Song Brocade apparel artworks have been exhibited in this fashion exhibition. Prof. Li Wei has creatively applied the traditional Song Brocade weaving process to the apparel artworks through decades of in-depth research on arts and crafts in the Chinese intangible heritage. Meanwhile, she has made innovation in the light of Chinese ink and wash art culture and through a unique oriental poetic perspective, with traditional arts and crafts as the medium and means, reconsidering oriental art, paying tribute to the charm and artistic conception of Chinese ink and wash art, and creating a new “oriental visual” fashion art steeped in oriental grace.

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