Tsinghua University to launch Global Open Courses in 2021 Fall

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In the Fall of 2021, Tsinghua will launch a total of seven Global Open Courses, namely "Carbon Neutrality: Why and How the World is Addressing Climate Change", "China's Approach to Poverty Eradication", "Winter Olympics and Winter Sports", "National Parks and Protected Areas of China", "Future Automobiles", "The Creation and Growth of Technology Enterprises" and "Positive Psychology", taught in English and accessible to the world both online and offline. Learners can attend some or all of the courses and participate in online real-time interaction based on their own interests. At the same time, some of the lectures will be broadcast live to learners around the world through the international version of XuetangX and Tsinghua University's social media accounts.

"Carbon Neutrality: Why and How the World is Addressing Climate Change"

"Carbon Neutrality: Why and How the World is Addressing Climate Change" will be taught by Professor ZHANG Xiliang, Associate Professor ZHANG Da, and Associate Professor TENG Fei from the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Professor LUO Yong and Associate Professor CAI Wenjia from the Department of Earth System Science, Academician HE Kebin and Professor WANG Can from the School of Environment, as well as Associate Professor CAO Jing from the School of Economics and Management. The course covers the global transition to carbon neutrality, the facts and impact of climate change, key emission reduction technologies for carbon neutrality, climate change and carbon neutral environmental co-benefits, climate change and the effect on health of carbon neutrality, climate change economics, China’s carbon market policies and practices, and climate change and carbon neutrality global governance. Through this course, students can understand how the world can deal with the severe challenges of climate change through carbon neutrality.

"China's Approach to Poverty Eradication"

"China's Approach to Poverty Eradication" will be taught by Professor LI Daokui and Associate Professor YAN Fei from the School of Social Sciences, Professor ZHOU Qing'an from the School of Journalism and Communication, and Associate Professor ZHOU Shaojie and Associate Professor MENG Ke from the School of Public Policy and Management. This lecture series will deal with China’s endeavor on poverty reduction by covering several topics, including the market-oriented reforms vital for poverty eradication, the historical phases of poverty reduction, the evolution of instrumental government policy reform, and the application of related governance models and cultural governance, as well as China’s social security system as institutional underpinning for poverty reduction.

"Winter Olympics and Winter Sports"

"Winter Olympics and Winter Sports" will be lectured on by a team of experts dedicated to the preparation and research into the Beijing Winter Olympics, including Professor ZHANG Li (Dean) and Associate Professor SHAO Lei (Vice Dean) from the School of Architecture, Professor WANG Jiadao from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor WANG Xueli from the School of Economics and Management, and Assistant Professor HU Xiaoqian of the Division of Sports Science and Physical Education. YANG Yang, Tsinghua University's outstanding alumna, chairman of the Athletes’ Commission of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, and CUI Lequan, Director of the Research Department of the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, will also be invited to teach. This course will present the origin and development of the Winter Olympics, the history and culture of China's winter sports, and the development of China's winter sports industry driven by the Winter Olympics in an all-round, multi-perspective and three-dimensional manner through theories, case studies and Q&A sessions.

"National Parks and Protected Areas of China"

"National Parks and Protected Areas of China" will be taught by Professor YANG Rui, Associate Professor ZHUANG Youbo, Assistant Professor ZHAO Zhicong and Assistant Professor CAO Yue from the Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, and by Professor YANG Jun and Associate Professor YU Le from the Department of Earth System Science, as well as Associate Professor LIU Xuehua from the School of Environment. This course systematically introduces China’s national parks, nature reserves, scenic areas, world heritage sites and other types of protected areas through theoretical lectures, interactive seminars, and field trips, and discusses nature conservation issues in all terrestrial areas of China, including wilderness areas, agricultural areas and urban areas.

"Future Automobiles"

"Future Automobiles" will be lectured on by Academician OUYANG Minggao, Professor ZHOU Qing, Associate Professor WANG Bo, Associate Professor HAO Han and other professors from the School of Vehicle and Mobility. Through theoretical lectures and interactive seminars, this course systematically introduces new energy, intelligent network connectivity, autopilot, intelligent transportation, automobile safety, automobile design, and automotive industry and carbon neutrality. After taking this course, students will have mastered the basic knowledge, basic concepts and key technologies of smart vehicles.

"The Creation and Growth of Technology Enterprises"

"The Creation and Growth of Technology Enterprises", led by ZHANG Jiayin, Associate Professor of the School of Economics and Management, will be taught by DENG Feng, founder of Northern Light Venture Capital and the distinguished visiting professor of Tsinghua University, and many other Chinese business leaders. Through case studies into Chinese practice, the course enables novel thinking, discussion and perspectives on the commercialization of new technologies, the key elements of the creation and growth of technology companies, and general regularities. Based on different modules, the course will invite heavyweights in the industry to share and discuss real cases.

"Positive Psychology"

"Positive Psychology" will be taught by Professor PENG Kaiping, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Dr. ZHAO Yukun, Deputy Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology Research of the School of Social Sciences. Positive psychology is a school of psychology that has emerged in recent years. This course introduces the principles, scientific research and application methods of positive psychology, especially research and methods on the meaning of life. It helps students understand their own positive potential and development path mentally for a better, more prosperous and meaningful life.

Tsinghua University launched the Global Hybrid Classroom in the spring semester of 2021, enabling Tsinghua students and overseas university students to attend “the same class” to build a global localized classroom and seek mutual recognition of credits. As of the fall semester, more than 400 students from Saint Petersburg State University in Russia, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Politecnico di Milano in Italy, Universidad de Chile and other universities have joined Tsinghua classrooms, and over 60 Tsinghua students have attended courses provided by Nanyang Technological University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Waseda University, Universidad de Chile, Saint Petersburg State University, and other universities.

The launch of the Global Open Courses aims to build a global environment, promote the multicultural exchange of Chinese and foreign students, spark discussion on common issues and challenges facing the world, foster the “togetherness” mindset, and promote “togetherness” education. In the future, Tsinghua University will continue to make more quality educational resources accessible to all through innovative and integrated teaching methods. As President QIU Yong once said, Tsinghua strives to “develop quality open courses available to the world, tell the stories of Tsinghua and China”, and build itself as a more open, integrative and resilient university.

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