Tsinghua Teachers and Alumni win Xplorer Prize

On September 13, the winners of the 2021 "Xplorer Prize" were officially announced. A total of 11 winners from Tsinghua, including eight teachers and three alumni, won this honor.

More than 20 winners of Nobel Prizes, Turing Awards, Fields Medals and other international awards participated in the nomination and recommendation process, a large increase compared with 2020.

The Xplorer Prize is a non-governmental award funded by the Tencent Foundation in 2018. It is one of China’s largest funding programs for young scientific and technological talents.

No more than 50 winners are selected for the award every year, and each winner will receive a total prize of RMB 3 million within 5 years.

Over the past three years, 150 young talents have received the award as recognition for their vision for science exploration.

Editors: Li Han, John Olbrich

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