William Orbell: Hopes and Aspirations at Tsinghua

William Orbell, a graduate from Oxford University, is now embarking on a PhD in the School of Environment at Tsinghua University. While studying for a master's degree in chemistry, William focused his research on using chemistry techniques to help solve environmental problems. He has also been learning Chinese for 9 years, during which he has “fostered a growing fascination for China”. Having taken close interest in the current situation in China, he has decided that this is the ideal location to study environmental science: “China has an increasing focus on the environment, demonstrated in the recent commitment to become carbon neutral by 2060,” he said.

At Tsinghua, William will be researching new improved catalysts for air pollution control, under the guidance of Professor Li Junhua. He aspires to apply his experience and skills in the future to develop a commercial product for mitigating air pollution. William said that he is “excited for the opportunity to broaden [his] knowledge of other aspects of environmental science, such as learning about international environmental cooperation projects".

The “beautiful campus” of Tsinghua University left a deep impression on William when he visited a few years ago. “Besides its reputation as one of the top universities in Asia, Tsinghua has captured my interest as a university with a global outlook that highly values the interaction between different cultures”. William, who is in the UK, will start his new life at Tsinghua online, but he is looking forward to visiting China as soon as possible. When he finally arrives at Tsinghua, he hopes to “take part in societies and sports clubs, meet new friends, and discover more about Chinese culture”. William said, “I believe I will make great memories at Tsinghua”.

Editor: Li Han

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