CPC's poverty alleviation and anti-corruption success laudable: Prof. John Olbrich

Professor John Olbrich from London has lived in China for one decade, of which he has spent eight good years teaching English writing and Western culture to English majors, undergraduates and PhD students at Tsinghua.

The senior professor is fascinated by China’s development over the years. “The Communist Party of China (CPC) has done extremely well,” he says. “China’s economy is strong, its military is stronger and it has got more confidence.”

“A good government is one where people are able to live in peace and make a good living. That’s what China has,” Professor John says.

He praises the CPC for its poverty alleviation and anti-corruption drives. “China is becoming very strong,” he adds.

The CPC will celebrate the 100 years of its founding on July 1st .

As much as he is impressed by China’s overall development under the CPC leadership, he is equally delighted to see Tsinghua, which recently celebrated its 110th anniversary, transform itself into a world-class university.

Tsinghua is opening new departments and schools, like the Department of Astronomy, and the Vanke School of Public Health, and it has established links with many other countries, becoming a better, much more international and open university, he says.

“One thing Tsinghua does which impresses me a lot is that it encourages students to undertake social work in remote villages and areas of China. It sends students out to impoverished areas, and they teach there, which is really good. I wish British universities would do something similar,” he adds.

Editors: Li Han, Guo Lili, Sangeet

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