‘Sjölin Award’ granted to Tsinghua Professor Fan Weicheng

As the 13th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science organized by the University of Waterloo came to an end, Fan Weicheng, Director of Tsinghua’s Center for Public Safety Research, was given the “Sjölin Award” in recognition of his contribution to fire safety science as well as the extraordinary significance of the advances he has made in the area of fire safety engineering.

The Sjölin Award aims to reward scholars from universities and scientific research institutes around the world who are committed to theoretical scientific research and technological innovation in the area of fire safety, and who have achieved major scientific research results.

It is presented each year to the individual whose effort is primarily responsible for - or traceable to - a specific advance. Fan was announced as winner at the 2018-2020 International Symposium on Fire Safety Science, which is held once every three years.

As a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fan has long been engaged in teaching and scientific research in combustion science and technology, public safety science and engineering.

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