Tsinghua Professor Bai Ming wins ‘Global Chinese Gold Star Award’ once again

The results of the 12th Global Chinese Gold Star Award were recently released. Bai Ming, Professor of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University was selected to be the “Face in Focus”, the seventh consecutive time that he has been selected for this series of awards.

The “Global Chinese Gold Star Award” contains five categories, “Person of the Year”, “Face in Focus”, “Backbone of the Year”, “Top Ten Exhibitions of the Year”, and “Top Ten Art Institutions of the Year”.

It focuses on the wonderful performances of artists, curators, art collectors, cross-border elites, art institutions, and art exhibitions and presents the annual key events, key figures and key achievements of Chinese art circles to more people to attract more attention.

The “Face in Focus” feature of the event selects individual artists, collectors, curators, gallery directors, and cross-border elites, and presents an overview of the annual trends of China’s domestic art circles.

Editors:Li Han, John Olbrich

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