Tsinghua Cultural and Creative Carnival held

This year’s Tsinghua Cultural and Creative Carnival recently kicked off at the Tsinghua University Art Museum and lasted until May 5.

A group of themed cultural products created for the school’s 110th anniversary celebrations were launched at the opening ceremony.

The products, covering artefacts, silk scarves, ties, umbrellas, and stationery, were designed by a team led Chen Nan, a Professor at the university’s Academy of Arts & Design.

One highlight of the carnival was an exhibition of Warrior Shoes (also known as Huili in Chinese). The shoes on display were entries of a competition for Tsinghua alumni and designed for the 110th anniversary of the university. They have been well recognized by Tsinghua faculty, students, alumni and all walks of life since their debut.

The carnival has been held for two years. It provides a platform for Tsinghua faculty, students, alumni and cultural institutions to demonstrate their creativity and innovation, and contributes to the cultivation of a good ecosystem for cultural creations, according to the Vice Chairperson of the University Council Xiang Botao.

He added that the event will be developed into a key calling card for the cultural creativity and innovation of Tsinghua University.

Editors: Li Han, John Olbrich

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