Opening ceremony of 64th “Ma Yuehan Cup” Track and Field Sports Meeting takes place on Tsinghua’s Anniversary

The opening ceremony of Tsinghua University’s 64th “Ma Yuehan Cup” Track and Field Sports Meeting took place at the East Sports Field on April 25, the day the University marked its 110th anniversary.  

University leaders Qiu Yong, Chen Xu, Jiang Shengyao, Wang Xiqin, Ji Junmin, Yang Bin, Li Yibing, You Zheng, Zheng Li, Xiang Botao, Peng Gang and other former university leaders attended the ceremony. President Qiu declared the opening of the sports meeting.

The annual sports feast is the symbol of sportsmanship at Tsinghua, held in honor of the late Professor Ma Yuehan of Physical Education, who played an instrumental role in instilling a strong sporting culture in the University.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, students from various schools and departments and alumni walked on the track in high spirits.

As the saying goes, “Without sports, there is no Tsinghua"; people in Tsinghua attach great importance to sports. “The memory of participating in the sports meeting will be cherished forever”, said a freshman.

Writer: Qin Wenkai

Editors: Li Han, Sangeet, John Olbrich

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