Tsinghua Opens School of Life Sciences


By Li Han

Staff Writer of the Tsinghua News Center

Based on its Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Tsinghua University on September 28 opened its School of Life Sciences (SLS) on September 28. Tsinghua Professor Shi Yigong became the first director of the SLS.

The Vice Chair of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), academician Wang Zhizhen, and Tsinghua President Gu Binglin attended the opening ceremony, which was hosted by Tsinghua Deputy President Chen Jining, and together they unveiled the new school. Tsinghua University Council Chairman Hu Heping announced the decision to establish the SLS.

"The establishment of the School of Life Sciences marks a new level in the development of life science at Tsinghua," said President Gu. He expressed his hope that the SLS could pursue excellence, cultivate talented people with innovative spirits, expand international collaboration, and continue to progress in the coming years.

In their addresses, Academician Shen Yan, Vice Director of the National Natural Science Foundation, Mr. Xie Huanzhong, Director-General of the Department of Science and Technology in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Zhang Xian'en, Director General of Basic Science Department, Ministry of Science and Technology, Academician Rao Zihe, Nankai University President Professor Rao Yi, the Chair of Peking University's School of Life Science, Dr. He Yiwu from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Dr. Ma Xin from Bayer Healthcare Company Ltd all extended congratulations to Tsinghua. Also attending the event were several other academicians, including Tsinghua University Honorary Chairman Wang Dazhong.

Tsinghua's Department of Biology was founded in 1926 as one of the earliest centers of life science education and research in China. Many famous biologists, including more than 30 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have studied or worked in this department. In 1984, it was renamed the Department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology. The department has developed into one of the most important centers in China for research and education in this field.

(Photo by Guo Haijun)

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