​Tsinghua inaugurates Department of Statistics and Data Science

Tsinghua University established the Department of Statistics and Data Science on July 10. This is an important initiative by Tsinghua to optimize its disciplinary layout and serve national strategies.

Inauguration ceremony of the Department of Statistics and Data Science

The new department will be dedicated to developing statistical ideas and methods with significant social impact. Leveraging Tsinghua's strengths in engineering and business, it aims to advance statistical methods in areas such as internet technology, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence. It will also focus on cultivating top-tier talent in statistics and data science.

Tsinghua University President Li Luming expressed the hope that the department will continuously enhance its capabilities in fundamental research and original innovation, mobilize high-quality resources to make breakthroughs in core big data technologies, comprehensively improve the quality of independent talent cultivation, and strive to become a world-class discipline in statistics and data science.

A seminar on statistics and data science development coincided with the inauguration ceremony.

Over a hundred experts, scholars, and representatives from the National Bureau of Statistics, the Chinese Mathematical Society, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Peking University, and other institutions and associations attended the event.

Tsinghua's statistics discipline has a strong foundation. Over the years, it has been the incubator of numerous outstanding statisticians. Looking forward, the department will adopt a global perspective, benchmark itself against world-class standards, and strive to become a renowned integrated academic hub for industry, academia, and research both domestically and internationally.

Editor: Li Han

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