​Tsinghua holds Commencement Ceremony for Undergraduate Students

Tsinghua University hosted its 2024 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony on the morning of June 29. The event was attended by university leaders, with Vice President Peng Gang presiding over the ceremony.

The Graduation Ceremony venue

During the ceremony, 3,685 undergraduates received their bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, 46 students were awarded second bachelor’s degrees, while 267 students earned minor bachelor’s degrees.

Qiu Yong announces the commendation of outstanding classes and excellent graduates, and conveys expectations and well-wishes to the students.

Secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee, Qiu Yong, announced the commendation of outstanding classes and excellent graduates, expressing his heartfelt congratulations to all recognized individuals.

Qiu Yong shared his hopes and well-wishes with the graduates. As they now prepare to embark on new journeys and contribute to the nation's future, he encouraged them to always remember their roots; remain firmly connected with the soil that has nurtured them and the land beneath their feet. He urged them to not only study diligently but also to engage in practical learning, growing both personally and academically through real-world experiences.

He emphasized the importance of staying true to themselves and safeguarding the beautiful homeland for the people. Qiu Yong advised the graduates to uphold a humble attitude, learn from everyday experiences, and pursue a state of selflessness, striving to be worthy of the people's trust. He also encouraged them to cultivate a deep appreciation and respect for the rich traditional Chinese culture, drawing wisdom and spiritual nourishment from the profound history and civilization of our great nation, continuously accumulating the strength needed for personal growth.

University leaders award badges of honor to the excellent graduate representatives.

The university leaders awarded badges of honor to the excellent graduate representatives.

Li Luming delivers a speech.

Li Luming, Tsinghua President and Chairman of the Academic Degrees Evaluation Committee, delivered a speech emphasizing the immense power of faith. He stated that faith, when it transcends personal gains and losses, can accomplish great things. Faith is demonstrated through actions and further elevated through its transmission to others.

He noted that dreams and great causes are never easily realized, and they require continuous and strenuous efforts. By starting with oneself, excelling in every small task, and seizing every moment, one’s actions can become firm and lasting under the guidance of faith. This faith will shine even brighter as it is passed on to others.

He called on everyone to remember the school motto of "Self-discipline and Social Commitment," promote the Tsinghua spirit of dedication to the country and pursuit of excellence, and integrate their personal aspirations with the great mission. He encouraged graduates to uphold the school ethos of “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”, contributing through actions to the great cause of building a strong nation and achieving national rejuvenation, thus writing an unforgettable chapter of their youth.

"Tsinghua is the harbor where your dreams set sail and your eternal home. Your alma mater will always care for you. Congratulations on your graduation!" Li Luming said.

Peng Gang presides over the ceremony.

Zhang Fan delivers a speech.

Zhang Fan, a graduate of Tsinghua School of Environment and researcher of the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared in her speech that her days at Tsinghua will forever be among her warmest memories. She said that she will always remember the school motto, "Self-Discipline and Social Commitment," and is committed to diligently handling every small task, continuously accumulating professional knowledge, enhancing practical skills, and achieving steady growth. She encouraged the graduates to contribute their passion and strength to the prosperity and growth of the motherland.

Cui Jiajun speaks at the ceremony.

Cui Jiajun from Weiyang College, speaking as the representative of the undergraduate students, shared his experience at the ceremony. He highlighted how his studies have laid a strong foundation and how his research explorations have taught him the importance of perseverance.

“Looking ahead, only through hard work can we shoulder the mission of our times,” said Cui. He expressed his hope that graduates will always stay true to their original aspirations and make meaningful contributions to building a great country and achieving national rejuvenation.

Qiu Yong confers degree certificates to the graduates.

Li Luming confers degree certificates to the graduates.

Graduates celebrate following the Commencement Ceremony.

Following the conclusion of the ceremony, university leaders proceeded to the Gymnasium to continue with the Degree Conferment Ceremony. The graduation ceremony was broadcast live in both Chinese and English on the "Rain Classroom" platform, allowing graduates who were not physically present on campus and their family members to attend online.

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