​Tsinghua University establishes Mechano-X Institute

Tsinghua University established the Mechano-X Institute (THUM) on April 26. This marks a significant initiative to serve the country's major strategic needs and to promote in-depth interdisciplinary integration.

Li Luming, Tsinghua president and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Yang Wei, former director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; He Yongjiang, deputy director of the Beijing Talent Work Bureau; Zheng Xiaojing, chairperson of the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the ceremony. Jiang Peixue, Tsinghua vice president and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presided over the event.

Guests unveil a THUM plaque.

Li Luming, Yang Wei, Gao Huajian, director of the THUM and foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zheng Xiaojing, Jiang Peixue, and Cao Bingyang, dean of the School of Aerospace Engineering, jointly unveiled a THUM plaque.

Li Luming, Yang Wei, He Yongjiang and Zheng Xiaojing delivered speeches respectively, and Gao Huajian introduces the THUM (from left to right, from top to bottom).

In his address, Li Luming, on behalf of the university, extended a warm welcome to attendees and thanked various sectors of society for their long-term support and care for the school's development. He noted that the establishment of the THUM at Tsinghua University aims to fully leverage the role of mechanics as the support and driving force behind fundamental science, and inject new vitality into the development of engineering science and technology. With the leadership of Academician Gao Huajian, a world-renowned expert in international mechanics, materials, and engineering sciences, it is believed that the THUM will achieve a series of major original achievements, promoting new breakthroughs in the development of mechanics and engineering disciplines at the University.

Li reviewed the development process of mechanics discipline at Tsinghua and stated that the University is deeply carrying out the Action Plan of Tsinghua University for Fully Implementing the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, planning and deploying a series of major initiatives, enhancing the support system for high-level fundamental research, and continuing to promote interdisciplinary construction. He hopes that the THUM would adhere to serving the country as its highest pursuit, strengthen the deep integration and paradigm innovation of mechanics and engineering sciences; actively explore more open mechanisms for talent cultivation, increase efforts to attract top scholars and young talents from around the world, and improve the quality of talent training in engineering basic disciplines; promote international exchanges and cooperation with more open thinking and measures, and strive to build a research hub and international center for mechanical research and exchange. He also hopes that experts and scholars attending the ceremony would continue to support and care about the development of the THUM, strengthen close exchanges and cooperation, and jointly contribute wisdom and strength to promoting scientific and technological innovation and advancing human civilization to new heights.

In his speech, Yang congratulated Tsinghua on the establishment of the THUM. He said that Tsinghua's influence in the field of mechanics is profound, and the University possesses a strong research tradition and extensive practical experience in interdisciplinary studies. He hopes that the THUM will further leverage Tsinghua's multidisciplinary advantages in engineering science, generate more breakthrough and innovative research outcomes, and contribute to the country's major strategic needs and advancing the development of the mechanics discipline with the strength of Tsinghua.

He extended congratulations on the establishment of the THUM. He stated that Tsinghua has long collaborated closely with Beijing Municipality, providing strong talent support for accelerating the construction of a high-level talent hub, creating an original innovation source, a preferred location for major scientific research, and a high-end industry carrier in Beijing. He believes that the THUM will undoubtedly promote the emergence of more original and leading breakthroughs in the field of mechanics and engineering cross-research.

Zheng said that Tsinghua has abundant experience in interdisciplinary studies, especially in the intersection of mechanics and engineering disciplines. The establishment of the THUM will inject new vitality into the development of the mechanics discipline. She looks forward to the THUM becoming a new banner showcasing the service of the mechanics discipline to national needs, leading scientific frontiers, and cultivating high-level talents.

In Gao‘s introduction of the THUM, he presented the institute’s aims to establish a more proactive research paradigm by promoting deep integration between mechanics and engineering disciplines such as materials science, advanced manufacturing, and biomedical engineering. The institute expects to actively explore the forefront of mechanics, enrich the theoretical framework of mechanics, attract and cultivate talents with international academic influence, serve the country's major strategic needs, generate original and breakthrough innovations, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and establish an international center for mechanics exchange.

A mechanics and interdisciplinary seminar was held to coincide with the establishment event. Yang Wei, President of Eastern Institute for Advanced Study, and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Shiyi, along with Professor Feng Xiqiao from Tsinghua's School of Aerospace Engineering, delivered keynote reports.

Going forward, the THUM aims to make breakthroughs in frontier areas, address national issues, exert international influence, and uphold outstanding educational principles. Leveraging Tsinghua's engineering strengths, it will focus on emerging interdisciplinary fields like mechanomaterials, biomechanics and medical engineering, and mechanics and advanced manufacturing. The goal of the institute is to become a top-tier research center, academic exchange platform, and talent hub.

Editor: Li Han

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