Thai Princess Sirindhorn visits Tsinghua, appointed Honorary Professor

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of the Kingdom of Thailand visited Tsinghua University on April 6. During her visit, a meeting was held with Secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee Qiu Yong. Princess Sirindhorn was appointed as an honorary professor of Tsinghua on the same day and engaged in discussions with representatives of Tsinghua students.

Qiu Yong (right second) meets with Princess Sirindhorn.

During the meeting, Qiu extended a warm welcome to Princess Sirindhorn on her visit to Tsinghua. Qiu remarked that Princess Sirindhorn has made significant contributions over the years to promoting exchanges and interactions between the people of China and Thailand. With her appointment as an Honorary Professor at Tsinghua, it is believed that further advancements will be made in cooperation between Tsinghua and Thailand in education, technology, humanities, agriculture, and other fields. It is anticipated that more outstanding Thai students will come to Tsinghua for study and exchange in the future, injecting new vitality into the development of bilateral relations.

Princess Sirindhorn expressed her interest in Tsinghua's work in the field of agricultural and rural development. She noted that Tsinghua has collaborated with Thai enterprises on anti-poverty projects and hoped to learn more about the relevant initiatives during her visit.

Qiu Yong (right) confers Princess Sirindhorn with an honorary professorship appointment letter.

Subsequently, Tsinghua held a ceremony to confer the title of Honorary Professor upon Princess Sirindhorn. Wang Hongwei introduced Princess Sirindhorn's achievements and announced the University's decision.

Given Princess Sirindhorn's accomplishments in academia and education, particularly her contributions to bilateral education, cultural, and economic cooperation between China and Thailand, Tsinghua has decided to confer upon her the title of Honorary Professor.

Qiu conferred Princess Sirindhorn with an honorary professorship appointment letter.

Lyu Jian, former Chinese ambassador to Thailand; Tsinghua Vice President Wang Hongwei; Dean of the School of Economics and Management, Bai Chong-En; and Director of the Office of International Affairs, Li Jinliang attended the meeting.

Princess Sirindhorn (right first) visits the thematic exhibition of Tsinghua University’s Achievements Serving Agricultural and Rural Development.

Princess Sirindhorn also visited the thematic exhibition of Tsinghua University’s Achievements Serving Agricultural and Rural Development. Associate Dean of the School of Public Policy & Management and Executive Dean of China Institute for Rural Studies, Wang Yahua, provided an introduction. The exhibition is focused on Tsinghua's initiatives including overall plan to support rural revitalization strategies, agro-related think tank building, rural revitalization workstations, innovative talent cultivation, tele-education supporting rural development, targeted assistance in Nanjian county, agricultural technological progress, rural studies outcomes, and international agro-related cooperation and exchange.

Sharing session among Tsinghua students (From left to right, top to bottom: Zhang Wenzhe, Su Rui, Liao Yang, Jarin Wu, Chayanis Sutcharitchan)

Following the ceremony, Princess Sirindhorn attended a sharing session among Tsinghua students and engaged in discussions with them. Five students, namely Zhang Wenzhe, an undergraduate from the School of Architecture; Su Rui, an undergraduate from the School of Humanities, Liao Yang, a doctoral student from the School of Environment, Jarin Wu, a Thai undergraduate student from the Department of Chemical Engineering, and Chayanis Sutcharitchan, a Thai doctoral student from the Department of Automation, each delivered speeches.

They shared their experiences and feelings in various aspects including their involvement in Tsinghua's rural revitalization workstations, relevant social practices and voluntary work, Tsinghua Global Youth Dialogue on addressing global challenges, and cross-cultural communication.

Princess Sirindhorn addresses the sharing session.

Princess Sirindhorn expressed her delight in hearing the stories of Tsinghua students' involvement in rural development. She commended the students for their efforts and practical work in rural development, while also sharing her own experiences and sentiments in contributing to rural development projects. Princess Sirindhorn remarked that all of their endeavors are worthwhile and emphasized that they will encounter even more new friends in the future.

The students responded to Princess Sirindhorn's encouragement with warm applause.

Princess Sirindhorn has previously visited Tsinghua on three occasions. Tsinghua has signed university-level cooperation agreements and student exchange agreements with Thailand's Chulalongkorn University, as well as cooperation agreements with Thammasat University.

Editor: Li Han

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