​Tsinghua holds opening ceremony to welcome new undergraduates

On August 24, Tsinghua University held an opening ceremony to welcome its incoming undergraduates. More than 3,800 undergraduates embarked on a new journey at Tsinghua in 2023.

Tsinghua University leaders Qiu Yong, Wang Xiqin, Yang Bin, Guo Yong, Zheng Li, Xiang Botao, Zhao Gang, Zeng Rong, Jiang Peixue, Xu Qinghong, Wang Hongwei and Li Luming attended the ceremony. Vice President Peng Gang moderated the ceremony.

Qiu Yong, secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee, pinned a Tsinghua badge for the undergraduate student representative.

In his remarks, Tsinghua University President Wang Xiqin extended his heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to all incoming freshmen on behalf of teachers, students, and staff. He remarked that “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” is Tsinghua’s ethos, and it is also a true portrayal of the pragmatic characteristics of Tsinghua, hoping that students can engage in less empty talk and more practical actions, diligently putting ideas into practice and making daily progress.

Wang gave three suggestions to freshmen. First, preparation is the cornerstone of success, preventing the pitfalls of failure. Wang underscored the significance of ethical character and alignment with national principles. He encouraged students to deliberate decisions, uphold patriotism, chase excellence, and contribute ardently to the new era's anthem of youth.

Second, one must be persistent and refine one’s skills. A long journey can be covered only by taking one step at a time; a long river cannot be formed without accumulating small streams. Wang said that when doing things, we should not evade details or be afraid to detail difficulties, only by facing challenges and forging ahead can we develop excellent skills and realize our dreams. He encouraged students to start from themselves from now on, fear no challenges, and go forward bravely.

Third, one must reflect on everything that has been done, and investigate the whys behind the consequences. Wang expressed his hope that students will always reflect, eliminate prejudice, cultivate aesthetic judgment, and seek true knowledge, starting with a pragmatic attitude, so that life will bloom brilliantly through unremitting endeavors for the motherland, the nation, the people and all mankind.

“Tsinghua is the new starting point of your life. I hope that you will live up to the University motto of self-discipline and social commitment, carry forward its style of being rigorous, diligent, truth-seeking and creative, and that you will make progress day by day and grow to become a young generation who are politically sound, professionally competent and perform the best results on the track of youth,” Wang said.

Professor Tian Ling from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, on behalf of all the faculty members, delivered a speech encouraging students to be brave in their studies and to actively explore new areas of knowledge.

Students need to be proactive when walking into labs and doing trials and experiments, and should look at the real problems and find real solutions, Tian said.

She called for students to become people with virtue, compassion, and a sense of responsibility, and to contribute their wisdom to the country's development and human progress while crafting their own remarkable life journeys.

Xu Hui, president of the Student Union, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the incoming students on becoming the youngest owners of this beautiful campus. Xu shared with them how to find a sense of meaning in their university life. He encouraged the freshmen to strive continuously, face challenges head-on, and seek a sense of purpose through self-transcendence. He also emphasized the need for integrity, tolerance and devotion, and advocated for patriotism when embracing human destiny.

"Class 2023, we build resilience as we surpass ourselves. We find significance through service and contribution, and we go far by embracing the future along that path. I would like to travel with you," Xu said.

“As my long-held dream to be admitted to Tsinghua finally became a reality, I couldn’t help thinking about how I should spend my time at the university. I found the answer in the long history of Tsinghua, and that is to be productive and self-motivated as young people,” said Wang Shengjie, a freshman representative, and a student of clinical medicine.

As young people, we should earnestly pursue the truth, have passion for our motherland and always maintain a posture of continuous progress. Through unceasing efforts and unyielding vigor, we are bound to have a promising future, bearing aspirations of serving the country and bravely shouldering the responsibility of national rejuvenation, according to Wang.

The opening ceremony was held both online and offline, with the main venue located in the University Gymnasium and eight other sub-venues. It was also broadcasted simultaneously through the Rain Classroom platform.

Editors:John Paul, Li Han

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