Tsinghua holds opening ceremony to welcome incoming graduates

Tsinghua University held an opening ceremony on September 6 to welcome this year’s new graduates.

More than 9,000 graduate students are embarking on a new journey at Tsinghua in this academic year.

Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong, Tsinghua University Council Chairperson Chen Xu and other university leaders were present at the opening ceremony, moderated by Tsinghua University Vice President and Provost Yang Bin.

In his remarks, President Qiu welcomed the new graduates to Tsinghua. He expressed his hope that they would develop a deep understanding of Tsinghua culture, consciously take on the responsibility for family and country, and live their lives at a higher level of self-awareness.  

He urged the new graduates to maintain a vigorous and tenacious life. “I hope you can maintain your enthusiasm at every stage of your lives, have a vigorous and upward progression in life, and flourish with a tenacious vitality of your lives,” he said.

Stating that a person's life pursuit is meaningful only if it is consistent with the needs of the country and the interests of the people, the university president encouraged the new graduates to consciously integrate their personal ideals and pursuits into the great cause of national prosperity, national rejuvenation, and people's happiness, and to live a more meaningful life.

“Dear students, Tsinghua is a place to concentrate on academics and let fly your dreams. I believe that the beautiful Tsinghua will be more exciting because of you, and the footprint of your youth will be remembered by Tsinghua forever,” he concluded.

Tsinghua University Council Chairperson Chen Xu wore the Tsinghua badge for the new graduate student representative.

Bai Haohao, graduate students’ representative, expressed his confidence that the new graduates will achieve great results, face setbacks, be brave in accepting responsibility, and accumulate strength and spend a wonderful and unforgettable time at Tsinghua.

Professor Luo Jianbin from the School of Mechanical Engineering said that Tsinghua University wanted to cultivate creative ideas and leading technology, which meant Tsinghua students needed to be the people with creative ideas or the people who can create leading technology.

Tan Chang, new graduates’ representative, said that as the new graduates stood at a new starting point and were embarking on a new journey, they should always maintain perceptiveness and curiosity about new things and new phenomena, and cherish opportunities for research.

“Through the scenery, we gather our passion and ideals, and contribute to the prosperity of the country, national rejuvenation, and the happiness of the people,” she added.

Adopting anti-epidemic prevention and control measures, Tsinghua University held the opening ceremony in a hybrid online and offline format. Besides the main venue, 35 different venues were set up across campus for the new graduates to witness the ceremony. The event was also live-streamed worldwide on various social media platforms in both Chinese and English.

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