Zhou Pei-Yuan Center for Applied Mathematics is an institute for carrying out interdisciplinary basic sciences research. The ‘Center’ is devoted to: pushing forward the interdisciplinary research and the cooperation between mathematics and empirical sciences; promoting the development of applied mathematics and empirical sciences at Tsinghua University; developing international academic exchanges and  cooperation; fostering excellent talents with innovative abilities. The ‘Center’ is honored to have Professor C.C. Lin (a renowned applied mathematician, a member of the American National Academy of Sciences and a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) as its Honorary Director, who has provided guidance and support to the Center’s development since its inception.

       We are currently engaged in: theoretical biology (protein folding, systems biology, computational neuroscience and etc.) and methods of applied mathematics (Applied Partial Differential Equation, scientific computation, probability of statistics, nonlinear waves theory and etc.) Since its founding, our graduates have been accepted by world-class research institutes to undertake applied mathematics research.

      The ‘Center’ plans to recruit several free-from-examination recommended PhD candidates , the education system is 5 years. Apart from PhD advisors in the ‘Center’, some overseas scholars can also work as collaborative advisors. Undergraduates that show interest in applied mathematics and have mathematics, physics, mechanics or relevant background are welcome to contact with us as early as possible (prior to mid-September) .
      Applicants are required to visit
http://tsinghua.cpge.cn/ in September to submit your application (referring to the website for the materials). You should submit your materials to graduates teaching office of our ‘Center ’ prior to September, 2010.

      Please send to:

      Zhou Peiyuan Center for Applied Mathematics Ms Yueying Lai

      Contact person: Yueying Lai

      Phone: 010-62795483

      Email: laiyy@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn