Chia-Chiao Lin (Chinese: 林家翘;1916-2013)is an American applied mathematician and Institute Professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

      Professor C.C.Lin is the honorary director of ZCAM. He names the centre to commemorate his teacher, Zhou Peiyuan(1902-1993), a renowned theoretical physicist and a former president of Peking University.

     Professor  C.C.Lin said “Physics and Chemistry have already established a complete theoretical framework, but biology is still lacking in a mathematically supported framework. Mathematicians, physicists and chemists are rushing into this area of study in order to accomplish this enormous effort.”

     At the  moment, a very active area of research is the new applications of mathematics in biology, pharmacology and medical science. Several thousands of papers have been published since 1950s; however, there are still some challenges in the aspect of basic theory and application, such as brain science and protein structure and function and etc. We are currently engaged in the research of protein structure and folding process. With the accumulation of empirical evidence and the application of mathematical methods, we have learnt more about some basic theories and dynamic mechanisms. We are now building the statistical theory of protein folding based on the principles of statistical physics (stochastic process included).

     These researches must be based on the full development of mathematical analysis and mathematical simulation of applied mathematics. They begin with the analysis of empirical evidence and end with data obtained from experiment and observation and verification of prediction. More and more scientists are convinced that the four traditional areas of natural sciences, i.e. mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, are so closely related that they should be taken as a whole, referred as natural disciplines.

    All graduates with biology and chemistry background are welcome to join our research group and be part of the team!