Zhou Pei-Yuan Center for Applied Mathematics (hereinafter referred to as 'Center' ), founded in 2002, is an institute for carrying out interdisciplinary basic sciences research. The 'Center' is devoted to: pushing forward the interdisciplinary research and the cooperation between mathematics and empirical sciences; promoting the development of applied mathematics and empirical sciences at Tsinghua University; emphasizing the interdisciplinary  nature, scientificity and foresightedness of scientific research of Tsinghua University and  enlivening academic thoughts; developing international academic exchanges and  cooperation; fostering excellent talents with innovative abilities. 

      The 'Center' is honored to have Professor C.C. Lin as its Honorary Director, who has provided guidance and support to the Center’s development since its inception, and Ding-Yu Hsieh as the first Director and some well-known scientists overseas as consultants or members of Academic Advisory Committee and some famous scholars worldwide as researchers, visiting researchers to lay the foundation for carrying out basic researches. 

      The 'Center' sets "innovation, interdisciplinary nature and comprehensiveness" as its dominant thought for scientific activities, and calls for pioneering spirit and creativeness. It chooses as its research objects the problems which will exert a great influence on future scientific development and which has far-reaching meanings for studying natural laws in the frontier of mathematics and empirical sciences and relevant fields. We are currently engaged in: theoretical biology (protein folding, systems biology, computational neuroscience) and methods of applied mathematics (application analysis, scientific computing, probability and statistics, nonlinear wave theory) and etc. With the development of the 'Center' , our research fields will be gradually broadened.

     The 'Center' actively attracts scientific talents from home and abroad based on the principles of “highly-capable, the selection of the best-qualified, and fluidity” to guarantee appropriate staff structure and efficiency.  The ‘Center’ provides favorable environment for independent and creative scholarly research for its faculty. The ‘Center’ also actively invites applications for PhDs and post-doctoral fellows worldwide.

     The 'Center'  plays an active role in the academic exchanges with relevant institutes worldwide, inviting prominent scientists and overseas Chinese students and scholars to visit, give lectures or conduct cooperative researches, and meanwhile encouraging and subsidizing its research members for international academic visits. 

     The new technology revolution poses a series of new challenges for the scientific field and provides new opportunity as well for the basic scientific research of the 21st century. The ‘Center’ is dedicated to becoming a world-class applied mathematics centre of excellence in the world.