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Tsinghua Female Volleyball Team Wins Bronze Medal in Beach Volleyball Competition in Latvia

Tsinghua Female Volleyball Team Wins Bronze Medal in Beach Volleyball Competition in Latvia

With strength and determination, the Tsinghua University female volleyball team successfully clinched the bronze medal in a beach volleyball competition in Latvia.This is the 3rd time that the Tsinghua female volleyball team has represented China in an international beach volleyball competition.

Professor Zhaoqing from the Division of Sports Science and Physical Education coached this winning team, represented by Ruan Ziwen, a Junior from the School of Environment and Wang Jiayun, a Senior from the Department of Civil Engineering.

The 33rd Pan-Polo University Student Games was held in the capital of Latvia on May 21st. In the course of the three-day competition, more than 1,400 student athletes from 12 countries engaged in fierce competition in all 13 events.

A total of 32 students represented China to compete in five events including table tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball. China took home 6 Gold, 6 Silver, and 6 Bronze medals, ranking 5th among the 12 participating countries.