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Tsinghua Students Win High Distinctions at the 15th National Challenge Cup

Tsinghua Students Win High Distinctions at the 15th National Challenge Cup 

On November 18th, the 15th National Challenge Cup came to a close at Shanghai University. In the final, the student delegation from Tsinghua University was awarded two Grand Prizes, one First Class Prize, one Second Class Prize, and two Third Class Prizes.

The National Challenge Cup was hosted by Shanghai University this year, jointly organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the All-China Students’ Federation, and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Over 30,000 student projects participated in the preliminary round of this year’s contest, of which 1,230 were selected for the national contest, and 755 were selected for the final. The students whose projects entered the final also defended their works on the spot. There were altogether 39 Grand Prizes awarded, accounting for about 5% of the entries in the final. The Tsinghua delegation, which, comprised four chosen projects, participated in the final.

The National Challenge Cup is a biennial competition for extra-curricular scientific and technological inventions. It is considered to be the largest and most influential comprehensive contest in these fields for Chinese university students, and is therefore nicknamed the “Olympiad for University Students”. The inaugural National Challenge Cup was hosted by Tsinghua University in 1989, and until now there have been 15 contests held altogether.

(Edited by Guo Lili, Zhu Lvhe)