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The First International Conference of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries held in Beijing

The First International Conference of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries held in Beijing

The first international conference of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries 2019 (ICLSB2019) was held at the Beijing International Convention Center from August 12th to 15th. More than 400 scholars from China, the United States, Germany, and other countries attended the conference. Minggao Ouyang, professor of Tsinghua University and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the meeting and gave a plenary talk. Qiang Zhang, professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University, served as the chair team of ICLSB2019.

High-efficiency energy storage and conversion is one of the important issues for a sustainable society. Among various energy storage systems, the lithium-sulfur battery is the most promising next-generation battery, owing to its ultra-high theoretical energy density. The four-day conference focused on the theme of “Energy Chemistry and Industrial Application in the Lithium-Sulfur Battery”.

A wide range of issues, including new sulfur cathode design, cathode reaction mechanisms, membrane technology, lithium metal anode protection, and solid electrolyte and their interfaces were discussed.

The conference was held by the Dresden University of Technology, Imperial College London, Tsinghua University, Argonne National Laboratory, the Fraunhofer Institute of Dresden, the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, OXIS Energy, the Beijing Institute of Technology, and the Beijing University of Technology. The conference focused on current hot issues in the field of lithium-sulfur batteries, and was dedicated to promoting technological innovation.

The conference not only demonstrated the state of the art of advanced energy storage, but also refreshed understanding of lithium-sulfur batteries and promoted practical applications of lithium-sulfur batteries.

Contributor: Department of Chemical Engineering
Editors: Guo Lili, John Olbrich