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“Experiencing China” International Summer School 2019 opens at Tsinghua

“Experiencing China” International Summer School 2019 opens at Tsinghua

On July 12th, “Experiencing China” International Summer School 2019 opens at Tsinghua University. More than 188 international students from 44 countries attended the opening ceremony.

This two-week summer program offers a star team of top multidisciplinary professionals to provide lectures and courses to help students from different backgrounds to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of contemporary Chinese issues. The program also enhances students' abilities of interdisciplinary inquiry, analytical skills, presentation skills, cross-cultural communication and teamwork skills. Program courses are grouped into different tracks for study and practice, including Architecture, Creative City, Environment, Gender, Industry Frontier, International relations and Urbanization.

It also provides opportunities for students to experience Chinese culture and the Tsinghua spirit through cultural activities, and also for interested students to learn about future study opportunities at Tsinghua University. Through lectures, field research, roundtable discussions and project practice, the summer school curriculum harnesses an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to give students a platform to gain a comprehensive understanding of Chinese issues. As a result, students will be able to express their own unique views on their chosen track topics, and publish constructive proposals at the student oriented forum and expo which will take place at the end of the course.

By Guo Lili