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SIGS sign unveiled as part of Tsinghua’s 108th Anniversary

SIGS sign unveiled as part of Tsinghua’s 108th Anniversary

In honor of Tsinghua’s 108th Anniversary, students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university gathered at its Shenzhen University Town campus on 11 May. Members of the Tsinghua community reconnected through a variety of friendly sports competitions, performances, presentations, exhibitions, and other activities celebrating Tsinghua’s history and its achievements in the past year.

“A confident Tsinghua is a more open Tsinghua.” Flags marking Tsinghua‘s 108th Anniversary are seen on the Tsinghua SIGS campus in Shenzhen University Town.

As part of the festivities, Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS), formally established in March, marked the beginning of a new chapter with its sign unveiling ceremony. Tsinghua SIGS CPC Committee Secretary Wu Xiaofeng presided over the ceremony, introducing the government representatives and Tsinghua leaders in attendance.

Among them was Shenzhen Vice Mayor Wang Lixin, who spoke during the ceremony. Emphasizing Tsinghua and Shenzhen’s long history of cooperation—from the opening of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen (RITS) in 1996, to the joint establishment of the Graduate School at Shenzhen (GSST) in 2001, to the formation of the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) in 2014, to the in-progress construction of a new campus extension for Tsinghua SIGS—Mr Wang restated Shenzhen Municipal Government’s commitment to supporting Tsinghua SIGS as it becomes a global leader in education and research.

Tsinghua University Council Vice Chairperson Han Jingyang spoke next, commending the success of GSST and TBSI in bringing together Tsinghua’s spirit of “actions speak louder than words” and Shenzhen’s “dare to innovate” attitude. Ms Han further noted that Tsinghua SIGS will deepen collaboration between Tsinghua and Shenzhen, and serve as a new expression of both parties’ strengths in education, research, and innovation.

From left: Tsinghua SIGS CPC Committee Secretary Wu Xiaofeng, Shenzhen Vice Mayor Wang Lixin, and Tsinghua University Council Vice Chairperson Han Jingyang speak at the Tsinghua SIGS sign unveiling.

Following Ms Han’s speech, Mr Wu invited past and present Tsinghua leaders and local government representatives to join him, Mr Wang, and Ms Han in revealing the new sign. As the cover was pulled aside, the crowd broke into applause and cheers.

The revealed Tsinghua SIGS sign, flanked by government representatives and Tsinghua leaders.

Attendees gather in front of the Tsinghua SIGS sign for a group photo.

The new sign sits at Tsinghua SIGS’s south entrance. Weighing 40 tons and standing 1.95 meters tall, the sign was carved and assembled from three slabs of yellow limestone.  Engravings of the Tsinghua SIGS name face the south entrance, while Tsinghua’s motto of “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment” faces inward.

“Self-Discipline and Social Commitment”

Launched 29 March 2019, Tsinghua SIGS is an expansion of GSST and TBSI. It aims to bring together world-class faculty and students, tackle global challenges through cutting-edge research and international collaboration, and nurture the next generation of global leaders by creating an International, Borderless, and Entrepreneurial learning and research environment. By 2030, Tsinghua SIGS plans to expand to 400 faculty and 8000 full-time graduate students, with overseas talent accounting for one-third of each. Tsinghua SIGS began accepting applications to its first new degree program in April, and will welcome its first cohort of students this September.

Contributor: Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School
Writer: Anthony Abordo Tsinghua SIGS
Photos: Tsinghua University Alumni Association