International Students

International Students Overview

Tsinghua University was one of the first Chinese universities with international students enrollment. Back in 1950, 14 students from Eastern Europe were admitted into Tsinghua. As of today, more than 30,000 international students have studied at this historical Imperial Garden, and have been making distinctive contributions to societies and industries worldwide.

In recent years, Tsinghua’s international students’ community has grown rapidly. Roughly 3,700 international students from over 120 countries study on campus, among whom over 3000 students are enrolled in degree programs, the others are in various visiting programs. International students can choose among 15 undergraduate divisions , more than 100 master programs and over 80 Ph.D programs. For students unable to take courses in Chinese, Tsinghua offers 20 master programs and 8 Ph.D programs delivered in English. More than 500 courses taught in English are available to all students.

Tsinghua welcomes students’ diversity and promotes intercultural dialogue. With more than 200 students associations and organizations, the campus provides a vibrant community and thriving environment for the students. The Asian Youth Exchange Center was established in 2014 to host domestic and international students alike. It fosters a blend-in environment for those seeking to be immersed in learning and culture exchange. To better serve international students and scholars, Tsinghua set up the International Students & Scholars Center to extend comprehensive and professional support to the international community on campus.

The Chinese civilization is so rare that it has preserved a continuous history of five thousand years. In this society full of multitudes and complexity, Tsinghua University presents a China perspective with both modern and ancient wisdom. Tsinghua is confident in providing education of extraordinary standard, and is committed to cultivating the world’s best and brightest students who are willing to make a difference worldwide.

Undergraduate Programs


The undergraduate programs of Tsinghua University are 4-year full-time study (except for the programs of architecture in Architecture Division and sculpture in Arts Division which require 5 years). The programs are delivered in Chinese and English. Bachelor's degree and graduation certificate will be awarded if the student finish all the required course work and pass the thesis defense.

Starting from 2017, Tsinghua begins to integrate programs/majors into divisions and recruit students of undergraduate programs by division. There are 15 divisions open to international students. The application based admission process has been adopted for international students: academic performance (such as high school transcripts, certificate of National/Regional Graduation Examination/Matriculation Examination, results of international standard tests etc.), Chinese & English Language proficiency, awards, recommendation letters and self-introduction video etc. are required when apply. The admission decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of academic performance, language ability, supporting materials as well as integrative test.

Key Dates & Deadlines for 2020 Intake

1. First Round Application and Admission
Design/Fine Arts programs in Arts Division are open ONLY in this round
Online application (Beijing Time): 8:00 AM August 20—5:00 PM October 11, 2019
The First Round result will be issued by Mid-December, 2019

2. Second Round Application and Admission
Online application (Beijing Time): 8:00 AM October 12—5:00 PM November 30, 2019
The Second Round result will be issued by late February, 2020

 3. Third Round Application and Admission
Online application (Beijing Time): 8:00 AM December 1, 2019—5:00 PM January 3, 2020
The Third Round result will be issued by late March, 2020

NOTE: The method and time of each round’s integrative test will be informed in advance.

Admission for International Applicants
Online Application System (Undergraduate) for International Applicants

Contact Information

Admissions Office
Tsinghua University
Haidian District, Beijing, 100084, P. R. China
Tel: +86-10-62783100
Fax: +86-10-62770837     

Admission Office
Academy of Arts and Design
Tsinghua University

Haidian District, Beijing, 100084, P. R. China
Tel: +86-10-62798170


Graduate Programs


Tsinghua University has been active in promoting the internationalization of Graduate education. As of fall of 2019, over 2,000 international students of 118 nationalities are studying at Tsinghua to pursue master’s or Doctoral degrees. In the academic year 2020-2021, Tsinghua University will offer more than 100 Master’s degree programs and 90 Doctoral degree programs to International Students. Among them, 21 Master’s degree programs and 8 Doctoral degree programs are offered fully in English, while others are offered fully in Chinese or bilingually in Chinese and English.

Master’s degree programs are required to be completed in 2-3 years, and Doctoral degree programs in 3-4 years. For students with a Bachelor’s degree who move on directly to pursue a Doctoral degree program, the study period is normally 4-5 years.

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How to Apply?

Online Application
All international applicants should apply via the online application system. Submissions in other formats are invalid.

Application Schedule
Graduate Programs offered in Chinese (Beijing Time):
1st Round : 8:00 AM Oct 15, 2019 – 17:00 PM Dec 15, 2019
2nd Round : 8:00 AM Jan 1, 2020 - 17:00 PM Mar 1, 2020
Graduate programs offered in English: Please consult the information on each individual program for specific application schedules.

Contact us
For Admission
Graduate Admissions Office, Tsinghua University
Tel: +86-10-62781380 Email:
For Visa or Campus Life
International Students & Scholars Center, Tsinghua University

Financial Aid

Currently, Tsinghua University mainly offers the following scholarships to the international students: Chinese Government Scholarship, Siemens China Scholarship, Tuition Scholarships and Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) is set up by the Chinese government to sponsor international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities. It is aimed to promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in various fields between China and other countries. Tsinghua University is one of the designated universities to undertake the CGS Program.

The CGS is open to both the degree program students (undergraduate and graduate) and the visiting/exchange students. The full CGS covers tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, living allowance and comprehensive medical insurance. The partial CGS covers one or few items in the full CGS. Specific items covered by the partial CGS are in accordance with the regulations of the CGS program concerned and the Letter of Admission.


1. Graduate Students
Graduate Scholarship and Grants Management Office
Tel: +86-10-62789660

Kind Reminder:
Incoming Graduate Students
For eligibility, application channel and procedure of CGS, please refer to the Scholarships for Incoming Full-time International Graduate Students at Tsinghua University at:
Scholarships for Incoming Full-time International Graduate Students

Current CGS holders
For distribution and regulation of CGS, please look at the Chinese Government Scholarship Handbook for Full-time International Graduate Students at Tsinghua University

2. Visiting/Exchange Students
Academic Affairs Office
Email: (student exchange program) (general visiting program)
Tel: +86-10-62773058

Siemens China Scholarship

The Siemens China Scholarship at Tsinghua University provides about 25k Euro full scholarship every year for global talents to support their Ph.D. studies. With high standard financial support, the scholarship recipients will receive opportunities to participate not only in academic research but also in cutting-edge industrial research projects. They will cooperate with Siemens to conduct their Ph.D. studies in 12 fields, such as Robotics & Mechatronics, Future of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, IT Security, etc. Through “Tsinghua Academic Life” and “Siemens Career Path”, the scholarship recipients will enhance their competitiveness in future.

1. Contents and Standard
——Tuition fees: 40,000 RMB/year;
——Living allowance (including accommodation, medical insurance, books or other materials, transportation, etc): 160,000 RMB/year in total.
2. Duration
——Scholarships are awarded to the recipients for a period of four years in principle.
——The scholarship recipients should pass the annual review to receive the funding for the next academic year.
3. The scholarship recipients of Siemens China Scholarship are required to select the designated research topic for the main research topics of their Ph.D. studies and have to carry out the research in cooperation with Siemens.

For detailed information about the scholarship and its application procedure, please refer to ‘Siemens China Scholarship’ at:

Tuition Scholarships

Tuition Scholarships cover full or partial tuition fee with a duration of one academic year and could be applied year by year (competitive). Tuition Scholarships mainly refer to the following scholarship programs:

1. Beijing Government Scholarship (for undergraduates and master’s students)

The Beijing Government Scholarship is established by Beijing Municipal Government to attract and support excellent International students to study in Beijing. It is used to cover the tuition fees fully or partially, and needs to be applied year by year.

At Tsinghua University, the Beijing Government Scholarship is open only to the undergraduates and Master's students.

2. Tsinghua University Scholarship (for doctoral students)

The Tsinghua University Scholarship is established by Tsinghua University to encourage and support excellent International students to study at Tsinghua University. The Scholarship is used to cover tuition fees fully or partially, and needs to be applied year by year. Since 2011, the Scholarship is open only to the doctoral students.


1. Graduate Students
Graduate Scholarship and Grants Management Office
Tel: +86-10-62789660

Kind Reminder:
Incoming Graduate Students
For eligibility and application procedure of Tuition Scholarships, please refer to the Scholarships for Incoming Full-time International Graduate Students at Tsinghua University at:

Confucius Institute Scholarship

The Confucius Institute Scholarship is established by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) to encourage and support International students to study Chinese language and culture in China. Tsinghua University is authorized by Hanban to enroll the Confucius Institute Scholarship students who will be studying Chinese language in China for one semester or one year. The Scholarship application should be recommended by the Confucius Institute or the Education Section of Chinese Embassies in the applicant's home country.