Events Notice to Adjust the Teaching Schedule for Spring Semester

Tsinghua University is implementing a range of measures to prevent and control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. During this period, students have been advised to postpone their return to the University. In order to reduce the related disruption to teaching, the following adjustment measures for spring semester of the 2019-2020 academic year have been approved by the University Council:

1. Tsinghua University will leverage its strength in information technology and innovation based education to offer courses online by combining Tsinghua Rain Classroom software with MOOC and other platforms. Students should consult their school calendar for the starting date of online courses for spring semester 2019-2020. Teachers will receive training prior to the start of spring semester and will be encouraged to explore creative ways to answer questions, encourage discussions, conduct exams, and make assessments suitable for online teaching. This can ensure a high-quality online educational environment comport with Tsinghua’s standard of teaching excellence.

2. Practical and experimental courses will be rescheduled once the return date for  students is determined.

3. Tsinghua University’s physical education traditions will continue. Prior to students’ return to the University, they are expected to maintain an appropriate level of physical training. Evaluation will be adjusted according to their return date.

4. For undergraduate students: The topic, content, and evaluation measures of the final year projects can be adjusted as feasible.

5. For graduate students: The formats and deadlines of final academic reports and dissertation defenses can be adjusted as needed.

6. The deadlines of qualification examinations, dissertation proposal defenses and other degree requirements of graduate students can be adjusted as needed.

7. The schedule of graduation and degree conferral in April (2nd cohort) and June (3rd cohort) 2020 will remain unchanged. Additional graduation and degree conferral will be scheduled as needed.

Tsinghua University
1 February 2020