Events 2019 Tsinghua Student Research Conference

2019 Tsinghua Student Research Conference will be held on December 14th, 2019. Since its first opening in 2018, the Conference aims to provide all students with opportunities for academic exchange and communication. At the conference, you will have the chance to get a glimpse of the most advanced technologies and share your thoughts with others of common interests. The Tsinghua Student Research Conference consists of three sections: Academic Posters Display, opening ceremony and Oral Presentations. In 2018, 246 academic posters were exhibited in the Main Building Hall, 15 of them were awarded “Outstanding Poster”.

The Conference is open to all students of Tsinghua University of all departments and faculties. Participants can submit academic works includes academic paper, patent, and any academic-related achievements with no particular limitation on the field of research. The conference committee will place the submitted work into different sections according to its research field.

During the conference, the judging committee consisting of teachers of relevant fields and students will make judgments and give awards based on the performances in Oral Presentation and Poster Display, combining with the grading of other students at the conference. Works of excellence will be included in "Tsinghua University Student Journal-Student Research Conference Special Issue".

Application Due: Week 13, Wednesday, 4th of December.
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Source: Student Association of Science and Technology