Events Fuso Reflection-the Exhibition of Japanese Style Mirrors Donated by Wang Ganghuai

Exhibition Period: 21 April, 2019 – 19 April, 2020
Exhibition Venue: Exhibition Hall 12, Fourth Floor, Tsinghua University Art Museum

China's bronze mirrors thrived in the Warring States period, flourished in the Han Dynasty,and created brilliant achievements in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. After the Song Dynasty, they underwent a declining process. Japan's bronze mirror culture emerged during the Heian Era, and has seen a successive development of varied beautiful and glamorous types throughout the past several hundred years. The two transition points happened to overlap, which marked a significant change of rising and falling of East Asian culture. Though being only a very small part of Japanese culture, Japanese-style mirrors reflect all aspects of Japanese culture, and even the whole society. We hope to explore the history of Japanese Mirrors through this exhibition, enabling audiences to understand Japanese Mirror Culture and its origins in Chinese culture.

Source: Tsinghua University Art Museum