Events Art Nurtures Life: Celebrating 100 Years of Wu Guanzhong

Exhibition Time: November 1, 2019 - May 3, 2020
Exhibition Venue: 1st Floor Exhibition Hall, Tsinghua University Art Museum

On the occasion of celebrating the centennial of Wu Guanzhong's birth, Tsinghua University Art Museum presents the thematic exhibition, "Art Nurtures Life", to chronicle the great impact Wu Guanzhang has made for the enlightenment of national art education. Other than the outstanding works of art from various artistic periods of Wu's life, this exhibition will also showcase archives, images, essays, manuscripts, and painting tools and materials, and so on. Taking the curatorial approach of combining image and text, the distribution of the artworks will unfold under the guidance of representative discourse. It is a combination of an artist's pictorial narration with his thoughts and linguistic expression, where every visitor would be able to conceive the practice of this great artist from outside in.

In this exhibition, 111 pieces of Wu Guanzhong's works will be on view, which comes from the National Gallery of Singapore, Art Museum of Tsinghua University and the National Art Gallery of China. The exhibition is divided into three parts, Kite with an Unbroken Line, Form is an artist’s Lifeblood and Style is an artist’s Silhouette. Be the works from an earlier period or those done late in life, the works on canvas or on paper, the imageries are clean and clear without exception, blending the worldly sceneries into humble colors, allowing the nature of the mundane world to become the points and lines that resonate with vertigo of life, like the constellations in the universe, the trail left by a comet in the night sky.

The following works Cranes Dancing, Childhood, A Second Painting of Gaochang, Green Sorghum, collection of National Gallery Singapore, gift of the artist; The Young Tibetan, Red Lotus, collection of National Art Museum of China; Vines in Spring, collection of Tsinghua University; Snow in Spring, collection of Tsinghua University Art Museum, gift of Wu Keyu.

Source: Tsinghua Univeristy Art Museum