Events iTalk: My Choice

Time: Thursday, September 13, 2018 19:00-21:00
Location: Huawei Hall, Career Development Center (at the southeast corner of Qingfen Canteen), Tsinghua University

iTalk is an English based platform organized by the Graduate Union, where Tsinghua students present their views, stories, and concerns about this world. Join us on these students' journeys of excellence in academics, volunteering, and entrepreneurship.

Life is full of choices, what will you do when you have to choose? This Thursday night, they invite 5 Tsinghua students from different backgrounds with unique life experiences, to share their opinions and stories with you. They will share with you why they chose Tsinghua, China, and the path they've set foot on.

iTalker Introduction

Benjamin Hook
Colorado, US, United States Air Force Academy
2018 Schwarzman Scholar
Nationally ranked aerobatic glider pilot and a mountaineering enthusiast

Ayamou Chekam Gaelle Patricia
Second year PhD student, School of Journalism and Communication
President of Tsinghua University African Students Association, a social entrepreneur dedicated to global communication, and a photography enthusiast

Md Mominur Rahman
Second year graduate student, School of Software
Founder of the first online foreign language learning application in Bangladesh and winner of the "Chinese Bridge" Speech Contest

Liu Xi
China, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
2nd year PhD student, School of Public Policy and Management
Chairwoman of World Youth Development Forum and "Hi China" International Youth Development Alliance; worked for the UN, CICC Limited, CITIC Securities and Green Cross Society

Sun Kejia
China, Tsinghua University
First year PhD student, School of Journalism and Communication
A crossover of screenwriting, film, and literature, having accomplished 2 dramas, 2 movies, 2 TV series and won more than 10 awards