Events BP’s Technology Outlook 2018

Time: September 5, 2018  15: 30
Location: Reception Hall, Main Building, Tsinghua University
Speaker: David Eyton, BP Group Head of Technology

The second edition of BP’s Technology Outlook was launched earlier this year in London with a China focused version launched in Beijing in early September. BP takes an industry-wide analysis of long-term technology trends, together with their potential implications for the world’s energy systems, and seeks to isolate some of the major technology signals from other drivers out to 2050. The Technology Outlook forms an input to the BP Energy Outlook, also launched earlier this year, and both draw on the annual BP Statistical Review and as such permit integrated insights linking data, energy trends and technology themes.

The Technology Outlook adopts a strictly techno-economic perspective without trying to second guess or model the potential impacts of policy, or indeed consumer choices. That said, a carbon price is overlaid on the analysis as a proxy for measures taken to deliver on the Paris Agreement, and to understand how merit orders could change if policy-makers were to act accordingly. BP uses these publications to shape strategy, and shares them with stakeholders to provide transparency and inform dialogue. As such this talk will discuss the major themes and then close with a summary “joining the dots” with BP’s strategy.