Events Top Talk Presents Lecture by Nobel Laureate in Physics Klaus von Klitzing

Time: Thursday, June 7, 2018, 14:00 to 16:00
Location: Datong Hall (Ground floor), Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Tsinghua University

In 1879, American physicist Hall found an electromagnetic effect in the conductivity of a conducting conductor in a magnetic field, an effect widely used in semiconductors, which was named "Hall Effect".

In 1980, Klaus von Klitzing discovered the "Integer Quantum Hall Effect" from the metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor, which won the 1985 Nobel Prize in Physics. This finding is considered to be a solid state quantum effect of great significance to the fundamental physical constants, and an important achievement in the comprehensive development of condensed matter physics and related new technologies since the 20th century.

In 2013, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice President of the Tsinghua University, Professor Qi-Kun Xue and his research team realized the "Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect" for the first time world-wide. Professor Chen-Ning Yang praised his scientific research as "a work worthy of a Nobel Prize".

On June 7, 2018, both famed physicists will come together at a lecture organized by Top Talk, an initiative by the Graduate Union of Tsinghua University. Prof. Klitzing will give a speech entitled "A New Kilogram in 2019: The Biggest Revolution in Metrology since the French Revolution", and Prof. Qi-Kun Xue will discuss the Quantum Hall Effect, Integer Quantum Hall Effect and the new international system of units.

This event is open to all Tsinghua students, faculty member and staff. Please present your valid Tsinghua ID at the event.

By Alexis See Tho