FocusBrighter career pathways for Tsinghua and Hubei graduates

Graduation season is approaching. Like every year, it is a time for fresh graduates to say farewell to their campus lives and embark on a professional one. This year, although the outbreak of the COVID-19 has affect people’s daily lives, the employment of graduates is not being disturbed at Tsinghua.

In 2020, there will be around 7,700 Tsinghua graduates, among whom, 3,800 will be entering the job market, including 400 undergraduates and 3,400 postgraduates. Through thorough planning and support from the university, schools and departments, as well as Tsinghua’s Career Development Center, more than half of those job-market entrants are already employed.

To further support more graduates, as well as adapting to the requirements of epidemic prevention, Tsinghua launched a large-scale online career fair this Monday, which was the first time in Tsinghua’s history. It was also the first time that Tsinghua has held a career fair in collaboration with universities in Hubei province, a unique way to support graduates in the epidemic-stricken area.

"Tsinghua is holding this online careers fair in collaboration with 126 universities in Hubei province. Although we cannot see each other physically, I am deeply impressed by the youth and energy of all the students. Graduation and employment play an important role in one’s growth. The choice we make regarding our occupation is more of a commitment than simply a career. I wish all of our students to grow resistance to face adverse circumstances, maintain hope to embrace a bright future, hold a firm faith and high aspirations, and do your best to contribute to the society and the whole world,”said Tsinghua President Qiu Yong.

Tsinghua is holding this year’s fair together with 126 universities in Hubei, including Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, offering a safe and convenient channel for students from the epidemic-stricken area to search for the ideal job opportunity. Additionally, Tsinghua also partnered with the Talent Service Center of Wuhan, offering a special regional employment session for students who would like to work in Hubei province.

As the first online career fair hosted by Tsinghua, it attracted 621 employers and will last one week.

Besides students from Tsinghua University and universities in Hubei, graduates from universities all over the country can find job information, send their CV online and interact with employers at the following websites:

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Tsinghua University has spared no effort in ensuring the undisrupted graduation and employment of its students.

So far, the Career Development Center of Tsinghua has posted more than 1,000 job listings, attracted over 100 employers to recruit online, held 31 online recruitment talks for more than 4,000 students, and provided a dozen online career coaching sessions.

Reporter: Fu Peiyue