Tsinghua-MHI joint R&D center

Tsinghua-MHI joint R&D center was founded on July 11, 2003 by Tsinghua University and MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Japan) to do fundamental research related to gas turbines. The presidents of the Center are Prof. Weidou Ni of Tsinghua University, academician, on the Chinese side, and Dr. Sunao Aoki of MHI, on the Japanese side. Prof. Chunwei Gu is director of the Chinese side while Dr. Kai Zhang is director of the Japanese side.

Since its foundation, Tsinghua-MHI joint R&D center has been actively advancing cooperation between Tsinghua University and MHI in many research fields, including aerodynamics, CFD methods, cooling technologies, laser cladding technology and material research in gas turbines. The Center has also investigated the use of methane, COG and biomass for heating and power production in China. By the end of 2010, the Center had completed 300 cooperative projects in fifteen departments in the University, for a total research budget of over 80 million RMB. The Center holds three meetings a year to review their research plans and results and to facilitate interactions.

Tsinghua-MHI joint R&D center is not only in charge of cooperative research between Tsinghua University and MHI, but is also involved in other academic activities. MHI founded the MHI scholarship for the University in 2003. Each year, 5 outstanding doctoral candidates receive awards of 5000 RMB with 5 outstanding masters’ candidates receiving awards of 3000 RMB. The Center also sends 5 excellent students each year from Tsinghua University to MHI for three month advanced study assignments.

The Center provides a platform for academic exchange and cooperative research between the two sides which plays an important role in bilateral communication and cooperation between our countries.

Contact: Prof. Gu Chunwei (Director) 

Office phone: +86-10-62771209

E-mail: gcw@tsinghua.edu.cn

Mailing address: Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China

Postal Code: 100084