Center for Combustion Energy

Power engineering and engineering thermo-physics is a First-Level National Key Discipline.  Tsinghua University, with its National Key Laboratories and National Engineering Centers, has always played a leading role in this discipline in China, with some of the research areas approaching world class. However, in terms of lecturing, originality of research and the academic environment, it still has a long way to go to become a world leading institution. The Center for Combustion Energy was established to meet the two major challenges facing humanity, namely energy sustainability and climate change, recognizing that combustion provides more than 80 percent of the global energy supply, and that these challenges are particularly serious for China in light of her fast developing economy and the corresponding responsibility as a major developing country. Tsinghua University has extensive strength in combustion research such as clean coal combustion, automotive engines, aero engines, fire and climate research. The goal of the Center is to be a leading institute for research and education in combustion at the international level, to be accomplished through three missions: to advance word-class combustion research, to advance clean combustion fuels and to advance fundamental combustion research in China. These missions are to be conducted through three major research thrusts: foundational science, energy science and interdisciplinary science.

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