National Engineering Research Centre (NERC) of Clean Coal Combustion

NERC of Clean Coal Combustion cooperates with both China and global companies based on the advanced researches and top engineers of Department of Thermal Engineering at Tsinghua University. As a cooperation platform of Tsinghua University with all companies related to energy and environmental protection, the Centre provides new technologies for energy saving & emission reduction, and gives a help for technological support, experimental and theoretical analysis for their research and development.

NERC follows Tsinghua University’s Motto to serve the China’s conservation-oriented society. Our advantages lie in the fundamental research and excellent professors and research staff.

Research and Development

1. CFB Technology (42 years of R&D);

2. Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology (21 years of R&D);

3. Low NOx Burner and SCR (28 years of R&D);

4. Waste Recycling and Re-Utilization (12 years of R&D);

5. Removal of Hazardous Wastes (10 years of R&D);

6. PM Formation and Control in Combustion Sources (10 years of R&D);

7.  CCS (10 years of R&D);

8. Hydrogen Energy (10 years of R&D);

9. Fuel Cell (6 years of R&D);

10. Biomass (15 years of R&D);

11. Coal Gasification (19 years of R&D);

12. Solar Power & Wind Power (15 years of R&D).


We have experienced professors, including 36 professors, 5 Cheung Kong Scholars, 28 associate professors, and a group of engineers who are specialized in engineering projects.


Our goal is to make ful use of our first-class professors, scholars and researchers and satisfy the great demands from enterprises which devote in independent innovation technologies, to become a world-class research and consulting organization. We are setting our future as:

1. Base of China’s Clean Energy Technology;

2. Core of the Technology and Engineering Systems of Energy & Environment;

3. Personnel Training in related areas;

4. Centre of Clean Coal Combustion & other new energies.


NERC is industrializing and commercializing the research achievements of Department of Tsinghua University through cooperation with enterprises and local governments. The gained profits are used to enhance and consolidate fundamental engineering researches, technology renovation. This forms a healthy pattern that researches guide the industry to the technology frontline, produce great social benefits and economic benefits.   Cooperation Model includes:

1. Technique Consulting and Service;

2. Technology Co-Development;

3. Technology Transfer;

4. Employee Training.

Contact: Prof. Yao Qiang(Director)

Office phone: +86-10- 62782108


Mailing address: Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing,P.R. China

Postal Code: 100084