State Key Laboratory of Hydro science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

“Center of Fluid Mechanics & Engineering” focuses on the research related to fluid machinery and engineering which trains professionals on design, investigation, operation and management of great capacity hydro-machineries and their operating and control systems. The institute research covers energy and power, aerospace, hydropower, and petrochemical industry etc., which play extremely important roles in the national economy.

This center was established in 2004 relying on Tsinghua Univ. which is an important part of State Key Laboratory of Hydro science and Engineering. There are 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 1 research assistant, 1 engineer, 3 post doctors, 3 project assistants and 1 executive secretary. Academic leaders and key members of the center have wide contacts with the fluid machinery and engineering academia all over the world. An age-structured, innovative and pioneering academic echelon is set up.

Nowadays, the center has established four specific and distinguished projects:

 (1) Fluid theory and flow control in the fluid machinery;

 (2) Fluid dynamics theory and design optimization in the fluid machinery system;

 (3) Principles and engineering applications of bionic-type and environmental coordinative fluid machinery;

(4) Biological fluid dynamics and its applications.

In recent years, the center has undertaken dozens of national research programs and engineering projects, including National Key Technologies R & D Program of China, "863", "985" programs, National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program, Key Program and Major Program), etc. In addition, international cooperation including several international academic conferences were held by the center, which influence greatly in the international turbine, water pump and fan industry. Meanwhile, the center has a reputation in the international academic community and cooperates in joint research with universities and companies in Japan, Germany, the United States, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, etc. The center has won several National and Ministerial Award for Science and Technology Progress, including National Award for Science and Technology Progress second prize 1, Ministerial Award for Science and Technology Progress first prize 4, second prize 2, third prize 4. More than 10 patents are authorized and more than 200 SCI, EI papers are published. The monographs and textbooks such as "hydro-mechanical flow theory", "pumped-storage power generation technology," "abrasive solid-liquid pump", "structure of the turbine and the vane pump," "fluid machinery theory" and teaching materials such as " hydraulic calculation in hydraulic machinery”, " simulation and control of fluid machinery", "base of fluid machinery" are composed which have made important contributions to the development of fluid machinery industry in China.

Contact: Prof.Cao Shuliang (Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory)

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