Institute of Simulation & Control of Power System

Institute of Simulation and Control for Thermal Power Engineering

Institute of Simulation and Control for Thermal Power Engineering (ISCTPE) was officially founded in September 1999. It has evolved from the former Thermal Measurement Technology Group. Currently, ISCTPE have been developed into an institute mainly focused on thermal powering engineering research with strong interdisciplinary interests such as system engineering, environmental science, management, automatic control. The main research fields include measurement, modeling, simulation, control, system analysis, and system optimization of multi-dimensional power engineering system.

Starting from 1970s, ISCTPE has for years conducted R&D in the area of “Modeling and simulation for thermal power system” and made plenty of accomplishments. ISCTPE created the field of energy system simulation and developed the simulation technology of large scale coal-combustion power plant. In about twenty year of the end of last centre, ISCTPE lead the development of this field in China and the research on power plant simulation was on the leading edge in the world. Till now, ISCTPE has been awarded the honor of the first prize of “National Science and Technology Improvement”, the second prize of “National Science & Technology Improvement”, “Top Ten National Science & Technology Achievements”, and “National 85 Important Research Accomplishments” etc.  

Recently, with the development of energy science and evolution of power engineering demand, ISCTPE has been more developed in the following three interdisciplinary research directions:

(1)Multi-dimensional energy system modeling, simulation, analysis, and optimization
Modeling and simulation of poly-generation system 
Modeling, analysis and assessment of urban energy system
Modeling, analysis, and prediction of national energy system
(2)Measurement and Control of power engineering system
Coal elementary analysis based on Lased induced breakdown spectroscopy
Control and optimization of power unit, gasify, IGCC and polygene ration system
Micro thermal system measurement and micro hydrogen detection
(3)Techno-economic analysis of low carbon energy system
Chemical and physical property of super critical CO2 mixtures
Modeling and simulation for CO2 capture and storage system
CO2 transportation system analysis
Multi-dimensional analysis of CO2 capture and storage system
The institute has a well-structured, highly educated, and devoted team mainly comprised of faculty members: 4 professors, 4 associate professors, and 4 assistant professors.

Contact: Prof. Li Zheng (Director)
Office phone: +86-10-62796169
Mailing address: Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing,P.R. China
Postal Code: 100084